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NCD warns against provoking tribal war in Sierra Leone

…Mende vs Temne movie may spark conflict

March 10, 2016 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

The National Commission for Democracy (NCD) has strongly warned Sierra Leoneans, as well as foreigners, to avoid anything that would provoke tribal war in the country.

The statement from the NCD came in the aftermath of the launch of a movie titled “Tribal War: Mende vs. Temne” which was reportedly produced by the Empire Movie Production, a movie outfit in the southern city of Bo.

According to a release from the commission, the two largest tribes in the country – Mendes and Temnes – were presented as very ritualistic and aggressive on the backdrop of a land dispute, adding that the thought of depicting tribal groupings from the perspective of a land dispute was very mischievous.

The commission noted that because the movie has the tendency of provoking tribal war in the country, everything should be done to discourage the spread of its content, with the producers and marketers taking the lead.

“With due consideration given to the issues that the Nation has been grappling with especially tribalism, regionalism, stereotyping, the civil war and its aftermath, NCD is persuaded to hold the view that the producers of this movie are insensitive to the negative potential and the far-reaching implications the content of the movie portends,” the release stated.

The NCD also reminded the producers of the movie, marketers and the general public about their civic duties and responsibilities of keeping the peace, tranquility and unity of the nation, with the expectation of a very strong level of allegiance, especially as citizens of Sierra Leone and that anything to the contrary should be seen as a deliberate attempt to affect the peace adversely and plunge the nation into an abyss of unforgettable inferno, reminiscent of the senseless civic war that plagued the nation in the past.

The producers of the film were advised to apologise to the Mende and the Temne tribal groups in particular, and the people of Sierra Leone in general, without ruling out the possibility of stronger punitive measures if remorse is not evident as such a movie, both its title and content, was insulting and revolting to the sensibilities of both tribal groups and the people of Sierra Leone.

“NCD wishes for all and sundry to be cognizant of the fact that the peace of the nation is more paramount than any other parochial interest and the continued unity of the nation cannot be mortgaged on the altar of unbridled freedom,” the release concluded.

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