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NCD signs MOU with ACC

NOVEMBER 20, 2014

The National Commission for Democracy (NCD) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to forge a collaborative engagement and partnership to complement efforts in promoting their respective interrelated mandates. The signing ceremony took place at the conference room of the ACC at its headquarters at Gloucester Street in Freetown on 18 November.

In his statement, Chairman of NCD, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo referred to the signing ceremony as a historic event, noting that the MOU was significant as it would engender synergy between the two institutions in promoting democratic good governance principles.

He said his Commission is aware of the vices of corruption and threats they pose to democracy and good governance and emphasized the need for their elimination in order to promote the concept of good governance and democracy.

He said the signing of the MOU would lay the foundation for a collaborative and strategic partnership between the two Commissions, adding that the willingness of his Commission to enter into partnership with the ACC would serve as a true test of their commitment to eliminating corruption and promoting the principles of democratic good governance.

He noted that one of the key functions of the ACC includes educating the public about the dangers of corruption, while the benefit of eradicating corruption is directly related to the mandate of the NCD, which is geared towards building a sense of patriotism and core values in citizens through civic education.

He said the MOU would guide the two Commissions on how to complement each other in the area of educating the public on issues bothering on the nexus between the fight against corruption and the promotion of democratic good governance and patriotism.

Dr. Kargbo congratulated the ACC Commissioner for the remarkable progress his Commission has made in recent times, through his capable leadership, in the fight against corruption and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

He further reiterated that the fight against corruption is the responsibility of every citizen and therefore requires serious civic consciousness so that every Sierra Leonean will shoulder the responsibility of making the country a better place for the future generation.

Commissioner Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara congratulated the Chairman of NCD for the outstanding job his Commission has done even at a very difficult time when the country is faced with the Ebola crisis.

He said the partnership between the two Commissions would help them navigate through the woods of difficulties of good governance and see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then take the country to a position where the symbol of hope and references to Sierra Leone would not be those of stigma or tears to the eyes of the people of Sierra Leone, but references of respect, honour and integrity.

He applauded the partnership between the two Commissions, and described the two Commissions as twins that were separated by circumstance of fate, but have discovered another, as they share a common goal of promoting transparency and accountability.

He urged the two Commissions to continue to preach transparency and accountability and that that they would not shirk their responsibility.

He noted that there is a gap in the country’s democracy as institutions work in isolation, and urged other institutions to collaborate in the interest of development, just as like the two Commissions have done.

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