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NAYCOM engages stakeholders on career guidance, job readiness

July 19, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Commissioner Thomas Ngolo Katta (middle) addressing participants

The National Youth Commission on Wednesday, July 17th engaged stakeholders from various institutions and universities to chart the way forward on career guidance and job readiness for young people in Sierra Leone.

Speaking at the workshop at their Freetown Head Officer, Commissioner of the National Youth Commission, Thomas Ngolo Katta, welcomed the participants and encouraged them to look at the technical issues dealing with the Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Project (YEEP) and the career guidance and job readiness component of the project.

He said the project is funded by the African Development Bank and would be implemented for three years.

He said that the scheme deals with a set of critical issues that would not only capacitate young people for the job market, but also help them to become entrepreneurs and be self-employed.

“Many years ago when we had the mineral boom in the country, as civil society activist then, we negotiated with many mining companies to give jobs to young people in the country. I went around talking to the companies on how they will give short term, long term and contract to young people in the country,” he said.

He stated that after six months, one of the companies called him back to go and see what they have done in the area of his advocacy, adding that out of the number of people that were recruited, 50% could not retained their job because they lack job ethical behaviour .

He cited punctuality, petty stealing and other behaviours as some of the ethical issues that militate against jobseekers, noting that young people must make sure they understand what are expected of them in the job market.

He disclosed that they were currently working with the NCTVA to finalize the curriculum that would incorporate training of councilors in universities that would be speaking to young people on career guidance and job readiness.

According to the Project Manager of Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment project (YEEP) Joseph S.A Kpakiwa, the objectives of the project are to improve the skills of the Sierra Leonean Youth and their employability.

He added that the project also aim to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders and institutions involved in youth development, entrepreneurship and empowerment and also scale-up successful pilot initiatives.

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