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Native Consortium, AG’s Office draw daggers

August 5, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Description: Native Consortium protests potential pump price increase in Sierra Leone |  Politico SL
Justice is been challenged by a rights group

Edmond Abu Jr., Executive Director of Native Consortium, has yesterday (August 4th) refuted content of the press release from the Office  of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice regarding the arrest and detention of lawyer Musa Pious Hemoh Sesay Sr. over allegations of fraudulent conversion of property seized from the Chinese CCECC on court order and execution.

The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice had earlier reacted to an allegation published by Native Consortium and Research Center in press release dated 24th July, 2021, claiming that the former abused his office by remote controlling the court led by Justice A.K. Musa to arbitrarily arrest and detain Lawyer Musa Pious Hemoh Sesay Senior, over an alleged fraudulent conversion of property that has been seized from the Chinese CCECC by court order and execution.

In his reaction, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice noted that  he never abuse his office on the said matter as he had only acted upon request made for an investigation to be carried out against Lawyer Pious Sesay.

While addressing newsmen at the Harry Yansaneh Hall, the Native Consortium boss expressed disappointment in the content of the press release issued by the Office of the Attorney-General and the Minister of Justice.

He said his organization was surprised that the AG misinformed the public and that the judgement against CCECC was a Default Judgement, and that the Attorney- General is fully aware by virtue of his ‘more than 30 years’ of standing at the Bar.

“He should clearly understand that matters decide upon pursuant to a court order are conclusive and no powers from above can override them.”

He acknowledged that the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is a respectable one, but that the conduct of the AG has also exposed the fact that he aided and abetted corporate gangsters to disobey Court Orders by holding on to vehicles that the court had ordered for it to be auctioned.

He added that the auction  was been done for the benefit of realizing proceeds to meet the judgement in favour of Makinkeba community that is represented by lawyer Pious Sesay’s Law Firm, Sangari.

He added that the complaint which CCEC made at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) about their missing vehicle and supported by the AG supported was completely groundless as the said vehicles were no longer their property as per the court judgement.

The Native Consortium boss informed journalists that the final ruling of 17th May, 2021, which comprised nine and twenty- seven paragraphs, clearly exposed the fallacy of the press release from the AG’s office, which informed and validated the content of their early press release dated 24 July, 2021.

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