NACRA briefs journalists on CRVS project


February 6, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Director General Mohamed Massaquoi briefing journalists

The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) yesterday (Tuesday 5th February), briefed journalists on their on-going Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) project that they have undertaken across the country.

Speaking at their Walpole Street Office Conference Hall in Freetown, the Director General of NCRA, Mohamed Massaquoi, they had met at the National Immigration Building where they informed stakeholders that they were expecting a mission from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa-the secretariat for CRVS in Africa.

He said the objective of the mission was to undertake a comprehensive country assessment and develop a national plan for CRVS in Sierra Leone, adding that the mission’s work started on 27th January and ended on 2nd February 2019.

He said the mission had high level engagement with President Julius Maada Bio, who was very appreciative of the said meeting the mission had with him.

He added that the president was briefed about the purpose of the mission and the advantage the country stands to benefit at the end of the project.

He said during the meeting, the president committed his personal support towards improving civil registration and birth statistics in the country, noting that the support has been comprehensive, beginning with the institutional legal frameworks, and the financial support to the project.

He said their partners were also supporting some aspect of the project, but that government commitment to the project was strong.

He said at the end of the high level engagement, they were looking forward to a report from ministries, departments and agencies that are associated with the CRVS in the country

He said the commission’s work was very successful because they had constructive and truthful discussions that led to the design of activities that would further strengthen the civil registration process with the view to enhancing the review of the legislation to CRVS and the inter-operability CVRS.

He said the process was consensus and all of them discussed and agreed on what should be done, adding that they believe the outcome would be welcoming by all stakeholders that were involve in the process.

He said the mission was expected to come back into the country later this month to carry out a number of activities that were jointly outlined in consultation with government, ministries, departments, agencies and development partners.

He said by law, the provisions of the NCRA Act was clear that civil registration should cover all communities, hence they have offices in all the 16 districts across the country and also have also erected registration centres in chiefdoms and towns to ensure they cover all areas and communities in the country.