NaCCED Creates Platform for Inclusive Governance


October 30, 2018

By Mohamed Massaquoi 

Members of NaCCED Steering Committee

The newly established National Council for Civic Education and Development (NaCCED) has created a national platform for political parties, civil society activists, journalists, paramount chiefs, women and youth to serve as steering committee members to foster political, social and economic transformation in Sierra Leone.

This committee will provide technical support to the chairman and his team in the development of a five-year strategic plan with functional and operational offices nationwide.

Chairman of the National Grand Coalition (NGC), Dr Denis Bright, Chairman Coalition for Change (C4C), Tamba R. Sandi, a representative from the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU), President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Kelvin Lewis, Chairman Council of Paramount Chiefs, PC Fasuluku, among others, are members of the Steering Committee that oversees the activities and operations of NaCCED.

Chairman for NaCCED, Kalilu Totangi said civic was about the people and that Sierra Leoneans must take the concept holistically for the transformation of the country.
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“We want people to know what is wrong and what is right in society,” he said.