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Mykhailo Golod: Golf community rallies to help teenage Ukrainian golfer escape to US

But his arrival in the US — while it assured his safety — came at a price.

His mother would soon return to Ukraine to be with his dad, who had to remain due to martial law, and his grandparents. Although Golod thinks his grandparents and mother will travel to the US, he’s unsure when he’ll next see his father, Oleg.

Although he appreciates his safety, having the majority of his family back in Ukraine in the midst of Russia’s invasion of the country has weighed heavily on him.

“It’s very devastating, but thankfully, they all have Wi-Fi and a source of internet, food, water, and I can still talk to them and make sure they’re safe,” he told CNN’s Jim Sciutto. “And I know that once everything is over, I’ll definitely bring them here to be with me.”

Golod added: “My father will only be able to leave once the martial law ends. And otherwise, he’ll have to stay in there and we’ll hope for…

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