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‘My town is the least developed’

- laments Chief Yasin

By Samuel Ben Turay

Town Chief of Manoya in the Niene Chiefdom, Koinadugu District, northern Sierra Leone says his town is the least developed in the district.

Chief Daniel Yasin said his area lacks basic facilities such as health center, mobile phone communication network, transportation and schools. He said the entire township doesn’t access any mobile network and that people have to work long distances to other towns to access network and make calls.

He also mentioned the distance from the town to the nearest health centre, a development he said makes it difficult for his people to access good medical services.

“We don’t have a health facility here and health officials come here once in many weeks or months,” said Chief Yasin.

Koinadugu is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is by far the largest district in the country in geographical area. Its capital and largest town is Kabala, which is also one of the main towns in Northern Sierra Leone. The other major towns in the district include Sinkunia, Falaba, Fadugu and Kurubonla.

The district borders Bombali District on the west, Tonkolili District to the south-west, and Kono District to the south.

The other issue the chief spoke about is the poor education system in the area. According to him, his town does not have a school.

“Our children have to walk to another town called Masama to attend school,” he lamented, adding that his people always blame him for not lobbing the authorities to provide basic social amenities for the township.

Chief Yasin was speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting convened to discuss the way forward for the community held at the Manoya town hall.

One of the elders of the town, Pa Foday Turay, observed that they only see politicians and other ‘big men’ around when it is time for politics.

“Now that elections are over, you don’t see any politician here to help us solve our problems,” Pa Turay said.

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