‘Musa Tarawally is a Registered Member of CDP’


…Avers party chairman

January 17, 2018 By Joseph S. Margai

Chairman Thullah: debunking claims that Musa Tarawally is not a registered member of CDP

Chairman of the Citizen’s Democratic Party (CDP), Gibril Thullah, has debunked claims made by some factions of the party’s national executive that Musa Tarawally, who is the current standard bearer, is not a registered member of the party.

Some national executives of CDP had on Monday (15 January) held a press conference at Zion Entertainment Complex, where they claimed that Musa Tarawally is not a registered member of the party-that he has never visited the party’s headquarters on Black Hall Road and had connived with Gibril Thullah to hijack the party by holding meetings in hotels and other places instead of the party’s office.

They called on the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to disregard the candidature of Musa Tarawally under the CDP party.

Gibril Thullah, who was yesterday reacting to the above allegations outside PPRC headquarters on Tower Hill in Freetown, said due to the prevailing financial difficulties to fund political activities, they realised that they could only compete with bigger political parties through coalition.

“Five political parties including the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and of course the CDP, decided to come together to form a coalition so as to enable us compete in the general elections,” he explained.

He revealed that he was receiving lots of calls from many politically interested candidates, who had wanted to lead the party as standard bearers.

He claimed that the aggrieved faction, who held the press conference denouncing Musa Tarawally on Monday, told him that they have got a candidate who was interested to form a coalition with them, “but I disagreed it because I was not the only one to decide as to who becomes a presidential candidate.”

“After establishing the coalition, we announced it all over Sierra Leone that we need interested Sierra Leoneans who wanted to come and head it. We had people who submitted their application letters that they were interested. We decided that all other parties in the coalition should come under the umbrella of the CDP and the standard bearer should compete under the party,” he said.

He said they held a conference in Makeni where the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the CDP elected Musa Tarawally as the standard bearer, noting that all the regional members of the party  were in that conference.

“Those who are now crying foul had already aligned themselves with somebody from America, who claimed that he was a brother to the founder and 2012 presidential candidate -Joshua Carew. He urged us to join the National Grand Coalition but we disagreed,” he said.

The CDP chairman claimed that he had called the aggrieved parties to meetings, but they have never attended.

Asked about the allegation that Musa Tarawally had never visited CDP’s headquarters on Black Hall Road, he responded that the former knows the party’s head office.

He claimed that the now aggrieved executives had already transformed the party headquarters into their private homes, noting that they have never been attending CDP’s meeting but planning to align themselves with the NGC.

“We have been invited by the PPRC and whatever advice will be given to us by the commission, we will thoroughly adhere to it,” he said.

Asked as to the criteria they look for to disqualify a member from the party, Mr. Thullah said anyone that challenges constituted authorities or engages in anti-party activities, among others, will be disqualified, referring to the action of the aggrieved executives as an anti-political activity.