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Murtala Mohamed to get Special Recognition Award in America

Salone Jamboree Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Murtala Mohamed Kamara, is set to receive a special recognition award for his work. The African Radio Salone award, which is expected to bring together Sierra Leoneans far and wide in the United States, is slated to take place in Washington D.C. on Saturday, 5 April.

The Awards Committee, in a letter to Kamara, said it has pleased them to celebrate and recognise the hard work and unique creativity of Kamara and several other Sierra Leoneans who are making selfless sacrifices to contribute to nation building through their respective work.

The event will honor and recognise individuals in the Sierra Leone community and the Diaspora “for giving a BIG Voice for Sierra Leone.”

“These awards will be given to Sierra Leoneans and people who are Sierra Leone Descendants as well as people whom are not but have done and are doing great work for the Sierra Leone community, its people, culture and the country,” the organisers said.

“We will be recognising people in Entertainment, Media, Non-Profits, Politics, Business, Athletics, and in saying this, the celebration will bring together different individuals from all walks of life that are either a business person, Musicians, Actor or Actress, Doctor or Nurse or an Athlete,” the organisers stated further.

Kamara thanked the organisers for the recognition and promised to always work in the interest of Sierra Leone. The young journalist, publisher and activist says he feels highly honoured to be receiving an award among many other Sierra Leoneans who are playing their part in nation building.

Kamara said he is dedicating the award to the young people of Sierra Leone, especially those that are striving very hard to achieve their dreams. “I am inspired by their courage to succeed, despite the limited opportunities here,” he said.

His publication, Salone Jamboree, is also nominated for the media awards category.

This is the second award Kamara will be receiving in the United States for his work. In 2011, the Sierra Leone Music Awards (SLMTV) also awarded him with a Special Recognition award as the Best Journalist of the Year 2011. He has received several other awards for his work. Kamara is also a Goodwill Ambassador of Calaba Town Progressive Youth Organisation.

His passion, he says, is to inspire others.

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