Murder Trial of Lt.-Gen. S.O. William…


St Prosecution Witness Testifies

July 23, 2018

By Regina Pratt

Late Rtd. Lt. Gen. Sheku Omar Williams

The first prosecution witness in the murder trial of the late former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Lt. Gen.Sheku Omar Williams Thursday told the High Court in Freetown that he overheard gunshot from the stairs where the late man was staying.

Led in evidence by State Counsel Augustine Sheku, Mohamed Thoronka told the court that prior to the gunshot he overheard footsteps climbing up the stairs before someone kicked opened the door.

The witness said he was staying at the residence of the murdered former CDS and that he was present at the night of the murder incident.

He narrated that on that fateful night, he was watching a movie together with his cousin – Abdulia Barrie – and that the latter went to sleep- while he was up until midnight watching the movie alone.

He added that he felt sleepy and decided to go to bed, but later overheard noise from the direction of the bathroom.

He stated that he saw someone from the rear carrying a gun, trying to leave the house.

“I overheard different footsteps in the parlour, discussing ‘he is not here.’ Being so tired, I did not bother to enter the parlour again as I was sleepy. But later the sound faded away and I came out of my room to know who was in the parlour, but could not see anyone,” he narrated.

The witness further testified that the main door to the house was wide- opened and that he later overheard somebody saying ‘he is upstairs.’

“Because of fear, I went back to my room and searched for my phone and that of Abdulai Barrie’s, but I could not find any. I woke Barrie up and informed him that thieves had entered the house.

“We came to the parlour but everything was intact and we noticed that the deceased did not come out to enquire as to what had taken place. I called Abdulai and told him that we go upstairs to ascertain as to what had happened. We called on the deceased but we heard no response. We called on one of the securities – Mr. Murray Kabba – and we all went to the scene.
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He continued that while they were going upstairs, Kabba pointed at some drops of blood and remarked that something had happened as the drops of blood led to the door of the deceased.

He stated that when Kabba pointed his torchlight they discovered the body of the deceased with blood stains all over his chest.

He said Mr Kabba then advised that they report the indecent to the police.

He narrated that they later called on the other security, one Mr. Collier, who informed the authorities that the former CDS had been killed.

While being cross-examined by defense counsel Cecilia Tucker from Legal Aid Board, the witness noted that the door appeared tohave been opened from the inside.

Another prosecution witness, Abdulai Barrie, corroborated the testimony of the first witness.

He narrated that when PW 1 entered the room at about 11.30 to 12 midnight to sleep, he asked the later whether he had closed the door and that he replied in the affirmative.

The matter was adjourned to Thursday, July 26.