Murder matter committed to High Court


February 26, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Presiding magistrate of the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No. 1, Komba Kamanda, yesterday committed to the High Court a murder matter involving one Nabie Yayah Fofanah, an OSD officer.

Constable 13455 Fofanah is alleged to have murdered one Esheka Kamara in the Kambia District, Northern Province of Sierra Leone.

The accused was arraigned on one count of murder contrary to law.

Police prosecutor Mohamed Sanjah contends that the accused has murdered his victim on 15 June, 2014 at Kassirie Wharf, Samu Chiefdom in the Kambia District.

In his committal statement, Magistrate Kamanda said he had looked into the case and that evidence adduced corroborate that the accused used his weapon to kill the deceased, although he was struggling in the water when his raffle eventually discharged and killed the deceased.

“I now have the privilege to commit this matter to the High Court for trial,” Magistrate Kamanda said.

According to information presented during preliminary investigation, on 15 September, 2014 a boat called Timberland arrived at the Kassirie Wharf loaded with some dutiable goods and passengers from Bushra Wharf in Guinea.
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While the boat was anchored at the wharf, the accused discovered two boats with one containing motorbikes, bundles and cartons of flip flops, pans and dresses, which he suspected had been smuggled into Sierra Leone, said the police information.

The accused reportedly asked after the owners of the boats but an unknown passenger replied that he should leave and go to his office, which apparently drew his ire and as a result tied the boats to an iron bar in a bid to prevent them from going ashore.

The police information further stated that some of the passengers pushed the accused into the river and commented that he should go and continue his policing next world, and that he was struggling to free himself from the water when his gun went off and killed the deceased, who happened to be one of the boats’ captain.

The accused is expected to plead ‘not guilty’ at the High Court, although it is not known when the trial will commence.

He is still held in remand at the male correctional centre on Pademba Road.