Murder convict sentenced to death by hanging


November 18, 2019

By Ibrahim K. Turay

Justice Ivan Sesay of the Freetown High Court has sentenced one Osman Kamara of Guard Street to death by hanging. The verdict was passed after both the prosecution team and the defense team closed their cases.

The convict was tried and found guilty of murder.

The accused person had on the 2nd January this year  “senselessly” stabbed one James A Bangura.

All evidences in the matter was against the accused and he had accepted doing the act. According to factual witness, the deceased had bought 10.000 Leones marijuana and jealousy refused to give the accused person.

The accused person claimed that the deceased was fund of provoking him and he (the accused) had made formal complaint to Community elders and the nearby police station.

In addressing the jury, the Prosecutor, A. Fishers admonished them on the basis of taking one’s life without lawful justification. He added that the accused person had accepted doing the act and that the last statement of the deceased person was “I don’t think I’ll make it”

The defense team led by C. Tucker, she addressed the jury that the accused person accepted doing that act but was not expecting the outcome to be like this. She added that the accused person had reported the deceased to authorities for action but nothing was done about it.

Justice Ivan Sesay asked the jury to look into the said matter, think about it critically for minutes and bring out their verdict. He added that they should also look at certain elements of the word “Murder”. He however told they jury that if they are not satisfied with the evidence, they may say the accused person is guilty of “Manslaughter” even though the accused person wasn’t charged with manslaughter.

The jury came out with a verdict that the accused person is guilty of Murder and the judge sentenced the accused person to death by hanging.