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Murder accused says he was coerced to admit statement

February 23, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

Mohamed Kanu, a personnel of the Sierra Leone Police attached to the Operational Support Division (OSD) has told the Freetown High Court that he was starved and beaten while in detention to admit that he killed a military man.

Kanu, who is before Justice Musu Kamara for the murder of Salifu Turay, further told the court that he was handcuffed and solitarily locked up without food and water for three days.

The accused also told the court that during the course of investigation, the ballistic expert at the Criminal Investigations Department had issued a report which indicates that his raffle was never discharged since it was assigned to him.

However, the judge had ordered to conduct a voir dire (a hearing done during a trial outside the hearing of the jury in order to determine the veracity of an accused person’s statement and the court must rule without the jury) on Friday, February 26.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Ezekiel Brima Kargbo, counsel for the accused, told the court that his client would testify on oath, adding that they also have witnesses to corroborate that his client was locked up for three days without food and water. 

The state alleges that, Mohamed Kanu on 18th March, 2015 in Freetown, murdered Salifu Turay, former personnel of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

Earlier, Detective Sergeant 8709 Ibrahim Sorie Kamara attached to the Criminal Investigation Department testified on Monday February 22.

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