MPs urge new speakers to uphold moral integrity

Hon. Segepor Solomon Thomas- New Speaker of sixth Parliament

By Jariatu S. Bangura

Hon. Segepor Solomon Thomas and Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, the newly elected Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the sixth Parliament, were urged by Members of Parliament to serve as moral exemplars in their roles.

The felicitation of the new Speakership saw MPs emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership on the parliamentary Bench. Criticism was levied at Dr. Bundu, who was described as one of the most corrupt and undemocratic Speakers in the country’s history.

Notably, his tenure was marred by a notable incident: the historic fistfight that erupted in Parliament, leading to the expulsion of opposition APC MPs whom Bundu labeled as ‘intruders.’

MPs stressed the need for tolerance, inclusivity, and moral rectitude in the Speaker’s office. They urged the newly appointed officials to strive for commendation and respect, unlike Dr. Bundu, who departed without farewell or accolades from his colleagues.

Opposition Deputy Leader 1, Hon. Aaron Koroma, highlighted the expectation placed on the new leadership, representing the fourth and fifth parliament generations.

He called for a collaborative approach to governance, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and consultation, particularly regarding matters such as the Auditor General’s report, which he proposed should be debated in the Chamber before being forwarded to the Public Accounts Committee.

In essence, the call for ethical leadership and constructive engagement underscores a new era of parliamentary governance, setting a precedent for accountability and integrity in the sixth Parliament.


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