MPs Fault Prevented Debate on IGR Report


November 19, 2021

By Alfred Koroma

The House of Parliament was on Wednesday 17th November, unable to debate the Institute of Governance Reforms (IGR) report on the State of Health and Education in the country because some MPs misplaced their documents and left largely unprepared to commence the debate.

 The IGR report, which was to be debated by the MPs reveals that access to quality education and health in Sierra Leone remains difficult despite effort made by government. The report was launched earlier this year and has been laid in the House of Parliament since July.

The Chairman Committee on Health, Hon. Moses Mbaimba Jorki, moved the motion to debate the report. But the house could not as majority of the members appeared unprepared for the debate and even believed to have misplaced their documents.

The Leader of Government Business, Hin. Mathew S Nyuma, who felt unhappy with his colleagues perfunctory handling of the document insisted that they commence the debate; arguing that his colleague Members of Parliament had received documents pertaining the debate well ahead of time.

“This is a big slap on our faces,” he said while expressing his feelings about the issue.

The Deputy Chairman on Health Committee, Hon. Mustapha Sellu, admitted that documents for the debate had been distributed to them, but that they have misplaced them.

“These documents, even though they were given to us, we have lost these documents; we cannot track them now.”

Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara noted that the issue has again exposed them as Parliamentarians and that the IGR report had been laid in the House since July with time already elapsed.

While telling his colleagues that the report covered issues in their constituencies, Hon. Abdul Karim noted that MPs’ refusal to debate the motion raises questions on how much they know their constituencies.