MP bemoans improper diet at Port Loko gov’t hospital


March 28, 2019

By Jariatu S Bangura

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Transparency and Accountability has told colleague Members of Parliament that diet provided for patients at the Port Loko Government Hospital was not good for their well-being.
Speaking in a meeting with council officials from the Port Loko District Council, Hon. Kathrine Zainab Tarawally said they made an unannounced visit to the hospital, where they found out that the food given to patients was improper, observing that such food could make them to continuously be in the same state for which they were taken to the hospital.
“The food the patient takes in will give him or her chance to live or die. And it could even tell as to whether the patient has a hope of surviving from his /her ailment,” she reiterated.
However, the Port Loko District Medical Officer, Dr. Mamud I. Kamara, responded that  there is a Clinical Nutritionist responsible for the supply of good food to the patients, but noted that now that such concern has been raised, he would try to address it with immediate effect
Earlier, Chairman of the Committee , Hon. Festus M. Lansana, said in September 2016, the previous committee laid a report on the table in Parliament, which  he said was debated and that one of the concerns  raised  was the non-compliance to  Section 107 of the Local Council Act by all councils.
He said according to the Act, all activities that were to be undertaken by the councils must be displayed at the notice board of each council, which, he said was not followed hence they called on all the 22 councils to explain further.
He said a request was made by the committee for all councils to submit documents varying from compliance, actions taken as per the recommendations made by the previous committee in 2016, disbursement of devolved sectors, statement of annual reports, annual income, among, others.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Administrator of the Port Loko District Council, Patrick Jakema, told Members of Parliament that the money allocated to them for the general cleaning was not enough to service the entire Port Loko district, which comprises of 28 wards.
“We don’t have enough funds but we use it judiciously and sometimes we have to use our own source revenue. We are receiving less than Le100million, but the cleaning process has been successful so far since it commencement,” he said.
The Committee concluded that the council submits a copy of payment vouchers that were made to community youth during the last cleaning exercise and also the contract agreement for the construction of the Mini-Stadium in Port Loko.