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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Moyamba youths threaten to demo

By Francis Ndanema in Moyamba

The Moyamba District youth leader, Mustapha Fofanah, has complained to the district council that the T-MARC construction company that was awarded the contract to construct roads in the Moyamba township was not using the correct materials to do the work, hence threatened to stage a peaceful demonstration to attract government attention.

Mr. Fofanah said T-MARC was no longer spraying water on the streets to ease the flow of dusty particles on the yet to be tarred road.

When contacted, the T-MARC engineer, Mr. Tayo, said they actually tried to meet the target set by the former Minister of Works but they were constrained that they had to import most of the materials used to do the work.

He called on the youths to exercise patience as the vehicle used to wet the road has developed some mechanical problem.

He promised that they would restart the process in two week when the fault on the vehicle has been fixed up.

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