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Moyamba Junction quarantine ends

OCTOBER 30, 2014 By Francis Ndanema in Moyamba

The Moyamba District Ebola Response Committee has lifted the quarantine on Moyamba Junction after the town completed its 21 days quarantine period.

The town was quarantined after recording the highest number of Ebola cases in the district that led to the death of at least nine people.

Moyamba District Medical Officer, Dr. Dennis Marke, said though they have lifted the ban, the main market at Moyamba Junction remains closed. He however noted that other shops and small markets will remain open so that residents can buy essential commodities.

Though the quarantine has been lifted, Dr. Marke said houses that have not completed their 21 days quarantine period remain isolated until they meet the medical requirement. He said that the lifting of the ban did not in any way mean lifting of the presidential isolation of the district and Fakunya Chiefdom, where Moyamba Junction is located.

He called on all to ensure they comply with the health emergency rules and regulations so as to defeat the Ebola virus.

During the quarantine period, residents had reported that security officers were restricting their movements within the town, pointing out that they were harassed by police personnel to give them money before allowing them to move about.

Local Unit Commander of the Moyamba Police Division, Patrick Betts, said they were restricting the movement of people to ensure the isolation of the township achieves its desired result, but however denied allegation of accepting bribes from residents to allow them to move.

Moyamba Security Coordinator in the Office of National Security, Abdul Karim Koroma, said they would continue to provide security and enforce the isolation of the chiefdom and the district as a whole even though they have lifted the ban on Moyamba Junction.

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