Moyamba District Council Bans Charcoal Burning


June 7, 2018

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Moyamba District Council Chairman, Joseph Benedict Mbogba

The newly elected chairman of Moyamba District Council has disclosed that as part of government’s strategy to protect the environment, his council, in collaboration with authorities within the district, has put a temporary ban on all activities that have the potential of destroying communities and reserved forests in the district.

Chairman Joseph Benedict Mbogba said it was significant that community leaders take the lead in protecting the environment by imposing bylaws to stop poachers from taking forest products, adding that the country could face challenges if the forests are not preserved.

Chairman Mbogba revealed that immediately after the electioneering period, he called on stakeholders from various sections within the district to discuss issues germane to forest protections.

“We have seen that our environment is being destroyed on a daily basis by people for their selfish reasons. We have collectively put a hold on destructive activities in our forest. As politicians and traditional authorities, we are largely responsible for some of these problems because of political reasons. However, we took this decision because we want to protect our environment,” he said.

Paramount Chief of Gbo Chiefdom, PC Fawundu Songs, said that they have been instituting laws to protect the environment in the past years, and noted that some parts of her chiefdom find it difficult to access pure drinking water due to the current climatic condition.

She expressed thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Agricultural for using her chiefdom for the pilot phase of the Community-based Forestry Project.

“I have travelled extensively across the world and I have seen countries benefit from their forest reserve. Those countries are making a lot of money. I am happy that the Ministry of Agricultural is partnering with the Food and Agricultural Organisation to implement this project,” she said.