Moyamba Council promises pipe-borne water to residents


March 6, 2015 By Francis Ndanema

As the people of Moyamba continue to lament over the shortage of water, the Moyamba District Council has assured this reporter that they would provide pipe-borne water for residents in the next two months.

Chief Administrator of the council, Josiah Bangali, said council had done repairs to the main generator at Water Works with a follow-up test to identify other faults.

During the dry season water becomes a precious commodity for Moyamba residents, with many walking half a mile to fetch water. Recently, some NGOs and government constructed boreholes to salvage the situation, but the water problem still remains a challenge.

Residents have linked the shortage of water to the high rate of pregnancy among teenage girls as many are lured by men and boys on their way to fetch water from streams or boreholes.

Bangali said council has hired a contractor to provide potable water for the people, adding that they are also working with Sierra Leone Water Company to rehabilitate and construct water wells to salvage the problem of water in the district.

He reaffirmed council’s commitment to providing both pipe-borne and water wells for residents of the southern district.

It is hoped that when the project is completed it would ease the problem of water supply for residents.