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Motorbike rider testifies in Hill Station murder case

August 5, 2021

By Jeneba A. Conteh

Prosecution witness Saidu Sheriff who testified in the alleged murder matter that took place at Guma Gate, Hill station, Freetown has narrated how his fellow commercial motorbike rider Kebbie sawanneh was murdered.

All four accused persons are before magistrate Sahr Kekura of Pademba Road Court No. 1 for Preliminary Investigation on two count charges of conspiracy to commit murder and murder

The witness, Saidu Sheriff recognized the accused persons in the dock as commercial motorbike riders and recalled 22nd April, 2021.

He told the lower court that he was at home when he received a distress call from someone at Guma Park, Regent.

He said upon his arrival at the said park he saw some of his colleagues mobilizing funds and when he asked as to what prompted the contribution, he was told that the contribution was for the funeral of a fallen colleague.

He said they later proceeded to the house of the deceased to pay last respect.

He said when they returned to the park, the deceased Kebbi Sawanneh asked him to advice the first accused Ibrahim Koroma alias TBK to stop interfering on his matter.

“I asked the first accused what went wrong and he said they never had an issue”, the witness stated.

The witness told the court that he warned the first accused to keep the peace and stay off from the deceased.

The witness said he was standing at the other side of the street when he heard them quarrelling.  ” I cross over and to my surprise I saw the first accused covered with blood”, the witness stated

The witness went on to explain that he enquired what transpired between them and later advised the first accused to go and report the matter to the police

He said few minutes later, he saw the bike riders PRO coming with the accused and he advised him to go to the police, but to no avail.

He narrated that the PRO threw the deceased on the floor and the second, third and fourth accused started hitting the deceased and at the same time they were questioning the deceased as to why he wounded the first accused.

“I tried to separate them, but to no avail, as tension rises, I shouted for police assistant,” he said.

The witness said as he tried to encourage the deceased to go to the police first accused surfaced from the back and hit the deceased in his head.

He said the deceased dropped on the floor and upon seeing that, he ordered for first accused to be arrested and in the process he saw the police

He said because of the way blood was oozing from the head of the deceased, the police asked them to go to Regent police station. 

The witness said he was instructed to take the deceased to the Regent hospital for treatment.

He told the court that the said situation gets worse for the deceased and he was conveyed to the 34 Military hospital for further treatment.

“At the hospital, I was monitoring the situation of both first accused and the deceased,” he stated in a cool mood.

He said in the morning hours, he went and informed the police that the deceased was in bad condition and in the interim the police asked him about those who ganged up to mishandle the deceased.

The eye witness said he went back to the hospital where the doctor told him that the deceased head need to be scanned.

“We took him for scanning to ECO -Med and later to Choithram hospital where he eventually died “, he stated sadly.

“I ran back to the police station and informed them about the lost”.

At this juncture, the Bench adjourned the matter to 10th August for further hearing.

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