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More support for fire victims …Temple University Burns Specialists to Jet in Today

November 11, 2021

By PEL Koroma, Embassy of Sierra Leone, Washington DC

Temple University in Philadelphia has dispatched seven Burns Specialists as support to the cluster response with World Health Organization in an effort to ameliorate the sufferings of those who suffered in the Wellington fuel tanker massacre.

According to Dr. Maura Sammon, Associate Professor, Emergency Medical Director of Global Health, the team will be in Freetown for one month.

“Fifteen Burns surgeon Nurses will follow the seven of us to Freetown. We will be in Freetown as Specialists to share knowledge. We wanted to be there immediately”, Dr. Sammon informed Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to United States Ambassador Sidique Abou- Bakarr Wai when she visited the Embassy to obtain visas to Sierra Leone that she cried when she saw the disaster in Freetown.

 “The people who were caught up in the fire were mostly desperate people.But he who has health has hope. And he who has hope can do anything “, Dr. Sammon noted, concluding that good may come from bad.

The Temple University Dean of Medical Center Dr. Amy Goldberg immediately released Dr. Lisa Rae who is. a Burns Specialist,, Stephanie Watson – Burns Nurse surgeon from the Burns Unit of Temple University and others to join Dr. Sulaiman of Connaught Hospital in Freetown .

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