Momoh Konte’s NATCOM owes NRA Le32.935bn  


April 19, 2018 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Momoh Konteh: to give account of NATCOM stewardship

The National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) is dragging its feet to honour tax obligations due and owing the National Revenue Authority (NRA) despite several engagements and warnings, says a source from the authority.

According to a letter dated 17th April, 2018 the commission owes NRA a whopping sum of Le 32,935,000,000.

Commissioner of Domestic Tax Department, Ibrahim S. Kamara, stated in the letter that they had made series of efforts and sent correspondences aimed at retrieving the much-needed tax from NATCOM, but to no avail.

“We hereby give you notice of our intension to seal, lock up or in any physical manner prevent any person from entering or gaining access to your premises under section 155A of the Income Tax Act 2000 as amended by section 3 of the Finance Act 2009,” the letter warned.

NATCOM was advised to present evidence of any payment made prior to the receipt of the letter to the Manager in charge of Collection and Compliance at NRA.   

In response, NATCOM has assured of their commitment to making all statutory payments but noted that they were appalled that a confidential letter between the two institutions has been made public.

“The commission is aware that a letter from NRA to us is currently being displayed on social media. We are appalled that a confidential letter between two institutions has been made public and view this as very unprofessional.”

According to NATCOM, they first received the letter in October 2017, but they objected on the grounds that the figure was incorrect.

They noted that the amount in dispute, which is far less than the 32 billion Leones claimed, is money which the commission had not yet received but assured that a meeting will be held to clarify all issues.

Momoh Konteh was appointed Chairman of NATCOM in 2015 and promised to “help the commission regain its lost glory.” Although the Act that created NATCOM created the post of Director General, Konteh became the face and voice of the commission over the past three years, thus casting a shadow over the substantive holder of the day-to-day administration of the commission.

A legal analyst opined that he was “the alter ego of NATCOM and should face the music for alleged impropriety at the commission.”