Mogbindi Echo


October 2, 2017 By PEL KOROMA



Dear Sir,

May I hastily remind you sir, that your victory is not about the winner takes it all, but a component of several issues that are asking for correctness, structures, and legality in a system that is rot of hate, unpatriotic, egoistic, and fanatics of ill conclaves smeared across the vent of SLPP. The moment you were declared the winner of the enviable position of National Secretary General, hopes ran high in the SLPP and the country at large.

Thankfully, in your political discourse with 98.1, you were quick to divorcé yourself from the orthodox and traditional SLPP style of politics. It is a signal that you have a new dawn at hand in the SLPP. You have ignited confidence and hope for the young people in the SLPP. And it should not be over emphasized how much the country needs unity and peace. It is compulsory on you to take the country back to the path of Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, a drive that was geared towards building a nation state. Unfortunately, the APC has torn the country apart and it is the duty of you to rebuild the broken peace and unity that the nation needs badly.

Sir, you have the duty to build the structures in the SLPP on democratic principles, helmed with party doctrines and ideologies. The people want to see a hierarchy that is worth the salt, committed, and determined to keep the legacy of the party.

The other day, Mr. Andrew Keilli was on radio insulting the SLPP of tribalism, a means of gratifying the stereo type stigma placed on the party by fickle minded people. In the sense here, SLPP is the most civilized party that has tolerated all people from different back ground, and political parties to participate in the political transformation of the country. Where is the tribalism in the SLPP? In the ten years of SLPP governance, there was no structural tribal practice in the SLPP. If one reflects properly, one will realize that the SLPP is the most genuine party in Sierra Leone. To show that diversity is our strength, Tejan Kabbah retained Acha Kamara as Head of the Police even when Acha Kamara is APC. The same for people like Edmund Koroma current Financial Secretary, Samoura Kamara, Foreign Affairs Minister, Conton, chief of Staff in the current APC government. Am sure Mr Keili will come to terms that SLPP is not a tribal party, but a party of unity and equality. Though all those operatives mentioned above were APC, Tejan Kabbah was not afraid to give APC people critical jobs in the country. Tejan Kabbah was determined to keep us together as a nation. But for Andrew Keili to come out smearing the amazing attribute his ancestral people are known for just because he wants to betray them left many screwed on the ground. And the irony is Andrew Keili will have to go back to his people in the jungle of Kailahun district to ask them to support him in the new drive he wants to embark on. The same people he has described as tribalistic. The same people who share the same value with him were vilified for sharing heart felt opinion with him. Instead of manifesting leadership by effecting change from small to big, instead of developing together with other people, Andrew Keili is shunning his duties for another kettle of fish in whatever organization he may be pitching his political tent. By the time he realizes that the troubles he is running away from in the SLPP are in all segments of the political land scape in Sierra Leone, and then he will realize that there was no need to insult his people, and by extension the flimsy and weak allegations he advanced against the SLPP.

The SLPP was in gridlock of rancor, selfishness, and little commitment from the members. People in the party are asking for more from the party when they have not offered most to the party. The idea is people should appreciate the value of the party, and should not really focus on gains from the party. The party should be made attractive to the young generation of this country. We have so much to show case but the conduits and personalities are mostly tainted, and that is why the party should take the New Direction under your leadership.

The people want to see an SLPP that is really powerful than individuals, and until this is achieved, the squabbles will not end among party members. There is so much misunderstanding with regards the pattern of support supporters are dishing out to party stalwarts, and that of dispensing loyalty to the party itself. It is a hill top task but I know you have the zest and willingness to achieve set goals. Your agenda should be translucent, strong, and result oriented.

I implore you sir, and most people believe that you should break the barriers as you have never exhibited acrimony invested in the past executives that nearly crippled the party.  Despicably fighting for power when they don’t know the hour and it was a show down among the orthodox SLPP politicians.

This is the time to think very seriously about the country and its people. It is expected that you will remain focused and kindly stretch out to people who for one reason or the other have decided to turn their back on the party. Most people have confidence in you because it is widely believed that you do not belong to the old school of “Either me or Nobody else”.

As it is now, Rtd Brigadier Maada Bio is the leading figure for the flag bearer ship in the SLPP. He has attracted the minds and souls of most Sierra Leoneans towards the SLPP. The daunting task is to make sure the young people digest the Hopes and Aspiration of Rtd Brigadier Maada Bio. In doing so, efforts should be collective, and I have confidence that people are ready to fight for the party if only efforts are appreciated, and with an open door policy, all will charge in unity and clinch the 2018 elections just to ameliorate the unprintable problems the APC has promulgated in the governance system.

The country is suffering from deception perpetuated by the APC. There is nothing to smile about in the country, and the youths are on fire with hundreds languishing in jails for minor crimes. Sadly, unemployment is threatening the peace and stability of the country. And there is confusion ranging from Education, Health and food security. The desire to amass wealth by corrupt elements in the APC should be checked by all means, and you are now at the center of it all. You are on camera, with high expectations that you will carve out a new path to political success in the SLPP, and as well as the country.