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Ministry of Water Resources Boosts Baoma community 

February 2, 2017 By Victoria Saffa

The Ministry of Water Resources with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Tuesday 31st February commissioned a newly constructed borehole with advanced technology in the Baoma Community, Goderich in Freetown.

Commissioning the water facility,Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Maligie, expressed thanks and appreciation to UNDP, UNICEF, DFID, African Development Bank for the support, stating that it has always been difficult to ask for funding, but that donors have always come to the aid of the country whenever the need arises.

The minister called on the community to take good care of the facility, while noting that the borehole was their property.

“It is you that have to provide security for this facility and it is you that would suffer if you allow bad people to destroy it. As a government, we have the obligation to provide services but caring and protecting them is the obligation of all of us. We know we have a number of bad people among us and the more reason we should protect what we have,” he said.

“As for the parents, don’t allow your children to go out very late at night in search of water. We know it is a difficult situation for most communities during the dry season. The facility provided is part of the president priority plans. This facility will be provided in fourteen other communities across the Freetown municipality.”

Mr. Maligie promised to deal with people who are bent on destroying facilities meant for public use, while assuring Baoma community of government’s  support in that direction.

“This is a community project and the community must take charge over it. The technology used here is among advanced technologies and it will serve the community for a very long period of time. You are the first community to have this facility and you should take good care of it,” he emphasised.

Manager of the Guma Valley Water Company, Bankole Mansaray, said the facility provided was the first among numerous needs in the Baoma community, stating that to upkeep the facility, people must pay a little amount of fee.

“We want the community to understand that a small fee will be charged on either per bucket or per gallon. Sierra Leone as a country has always depended on outside support and most of the country’s development strides have been aided by donor funds. The construction of this facility was funded by the UNDP,” he said.

 UNDP Country Representative, Simone Sagal, explained that the facility was among many other facilities provided in support of the government of Sierra Leone.

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