Minister vows tough action against MDAs


February 6, 2015 By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

RIGHT MOVE ... Local Government Minister, Diana Konomanyi
RIGHT MOVE … Local Government Minister, Diana Konomanyi

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Diana Konomanyi, has vowed that drastic action would be taken against ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) that have abandoned their offices in the Bonthe Sherbro Island, district headquarter of Bonthe District.

Madam Konomanyi noted that the country is being run by way of decentralisation and that officials of MDAs posted to the Island should be stationed in the town.

“I will write the Ministry of Finance to stop all allocation of funds to those MDAs until they return to Bonthe Sherbro Island. I am saying this because we are running a decentralized system of government,” the minister said.

She urged her colleague ministers to ensure devolved sectors within their respective ministries return to the area, as most reside on the mainland in Mattru Jong.

The Local Government Minister maintained that the Atlantic Ocean should not be used as an excuse for devolved sectors to be stationed at Mattru Jong.

Meanwhile, Mayor of the Bonthe Municipal Council, Layemin Joe Sandi, thanked the minister for sticking to her guns on the issue of MDAs relocating to Bonthe Sherbro Island.

“The district headquarter town has been marginalized over the years and many developmental programmes have been restricted to Mattru Jong Chiefdom,” he said. “Bonthe is part of Sierra Leone like any other area in the country and should be accorded the same respect.”