Minister tells staff to bury the past


By Samuel Ben Turay

Minister of Health and Sanitation has admonished senior staff of the ministry to bury the past and help push the ministry forward.

Madam Miatta Kargbo encouraged her staff to forget about all that transpired among them and work towards the advancement of the ministry. According to her, staff should demonstrate unity and not division.

The minister was speaking yesterday at the ministry’s conference room at Youyi building in Freetown while addressing what she referred to as conflict among staff of the ministry.

The minister pointed out that instead of personal squabbles, staff at the ministry should be preoccupied with tackling HIV/AIDS, malaria, improving sanitation, mental health and monitoring the free healthcare initiative, among a host of activities.

She reminded them about people who live in areas without adequate toilet facilities, who are vulnerable to communicable diseases; a development she said is not acceptable by the ministry’s high standards.

Ms. Kargbo said the ministry would utilize community based initiative through effective teaching and sensitization to affect effective use of toilet facilities in communities, with the involvement of community leaders and support of government.