Minister calls on mayors, chairpersons to participate in governance


By Ishmael Dumbuya

The Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs, Tamaba Lamina, has called on all elected chairmen, councillors and mayors to take part in the swearing in ceremony or oath taking, as they have been duly elected.

The minister made the call during an interview  with the popular Radio  Democracy 98.1 ‘Gud Morning Salone’ program.

According to him, it’s now the time that government wanted to work with the elected representatives so that continue with the business of service delivery for the people that elected them.

He states that the swearing in is a requirement that should be met and fulfilled by all councillors, chairmen, and mayors, according to the Revised Local Government Act 2022.

He added that they would not be considered councillors until they subscribe to the oath of office.

 He disclosed that they will embark on the induction process from the provinces to the Western Areas, adding that the oath taking ceremony will be administered by the Inter Ministerial Council, wherein the vice president is the overseer and chairman of that council.

He said the induction process is geared towards making the elected representatives aufait with the operations and activities of the councils, as well as highlighting the relationship between local governance and central governance.

He concluded by admonishing all elected councilors, chairmen and mayors to stand up for the people that voted them in and represent them democratically instead of deciding not to participate in governance.

The APC intimated that they will not be partaking in governance due to disagreement with the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) on the June 24th elections results.

Days after the presidential election were announced, a dossier containing signatures of APC MPs, mayors and chairpersons surfaced indicating that the APC will not be partaking in governance.


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