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‘Mining communities are threat to peace and security’

…CGG boss warns

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Mrs Edwin
CAUTION … CGG boss Ms. Edwin believes mining communities should be treated fairly

Executive Director of Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) has expressed during a one-day validation workshop for stakeholders on a baseline survey conducted in Lunsar and Pepel communities in northern Sierra Leone that localities where mining activities are being carried out are seriously affected by such activities and therefore have the propensity to serve as threat to peace and security in the country.

Valnora Edwin said over the years, the extractive industry has been open to a host of investors and that the sector is seen as a means through which good governance can be supported. Local communities, she said, should be properly guided on mining agreements and policies dealing with mining activities in their areas.

“Working on resource governance became a program priority for CGG within the last two years, and we can see the need for more players and all actors to come onboard as our aim as an organization is to create the platform for various stakeholders that constitute the extractive space,” noted the civil society activist.

“However, localities in which these activities have been undertaken have been affected and currently a threat to peace and stability. CGG and partners hold the view that strong laws and regulations must be put in place and enforced in order to promote accountability and transparency in all stages of the process.”

She voiced the urgent need for policy makers to properly examine the recommendations of the report [of the baseline survey] and to take appropriate actions.

Giving an overview of the survey, Sahr Kendema of CGG said the main thrust of the study is to provide a platform for constructive, non-confrontation dialogue around mining related issues in order to prevent conflict from escalating in mining communities.

He said after the baseline survey and recommendations, a validation exercise will be held to finally put the document together so that the much needed changes will take place at various levels within the affected communities.

“Campaign for Good Governance, as most of us are aware, is a non-governmental organization that exists to increase citizen participation in governance through advocacy, capacity building and civic education in order to build a more informed civil populace and a democratic state,” Kendema said.

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