Mercury International New Rapid Number Games Attract Customers


August 26, 2020

With just a few days of its introduction, the Mercury International new Rapid Number game is attracting huge customers with massive winnings daily.

The newly introduced game which is easy and affordable to play is now increasing customers’ chances to win big money daily.

According to Octavious Jackson, Marketing Officer, the Rapid Number game is not only easy to play and win, but it also allows customers to win big from 6 numbers out of 20 numbers.

He said: “The game is so easy to play and all you have to do is to get your Le 1,000 and visit any of our retailers around town and request to play the Rapid Number game.”

Explaining more on how the game should be played, the Marketing Officer said, a ticket must be printed and should contain 6 numbers under the category ‘Winning Numbers’ at the top.

He said, a customer will only become a winner and knows the actual amount of money won by matching any of the 6 numbers to the 20 numbers which are under the ‘Your Number’ grouping and each of the 20 numbers do have an amount attached to them.

“If any of the 6 numbers is the same as any of the 20 numbers, the amount attached to the said number is what the customer wins. An individual can win up to Le 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Leones.),” he said.

Deputy Public Relations Manager, Sahr Morris Jr said Mercury International always explores new areas to give more opportunity to its numerous customers to win, adding that, they will continue to protect the interest of their customers at all times.