Mercury International donates US$20,000 to Baby Mustapha’s surgery


May 31, 2018


Mustapha Augustus Roberts, known as ‘Baby Mustapha’, who has been battling  with a life threatening liver problem for over six (6) months now, yesterday received a boost from Mercury International with a US$20,000 donation to help facilitate a liver transplant in India.

The presentation was done at Mercury headquarters on Kroo Town Road in the presence of the media, staff of Mercury International, lead facilitator for baby Mustatpha and members of the public.

Baby Mustapha developed funny symptoms, including an unending jaundice after three months of his birth. Following several diagnoses and treatments, the doctors suspected he has CYST so he underwent a surgery involving 19 stitches only for doctors to realise it was a rare disease called BILLIARY ATRESIA. He was then recommended for an urgent liver implant in India at an approximate cost of USD$ 30,000 which is expected to cover all expenses.

During the presentation, Managing Director of Mercury International intimated those present that the betting company was approached by Ishmeal Alfred Charles, who is Caritas Freetown’s lead facilitator, to raise funds to save baby Mustapha.

“Having reviewed the proposal of baby Mustapha, it captured our attention because it has to do with saving the life of a young innocent child who is massively battling to survive. He needs help to save his life, so as a company we wasted no time but to chip in.”

Presenting the cheque, Chairman Mercury Charitable Foundation said that as part of their corporate social responsibility, it behooves Mercury to help save the life of the poor child.

“I almost wept when I saw the video with his mother appealing for help. It saddens me a lot. We have been donating in areas like sport, education, physically challenged and health. So this is not new to Mercury. They presented a proposal of USD$33,000 to us, after reviewing it we realised that they have risen close to USD$15,000. Taking the urgency of Baby Mustapha’s situation, we met as a management and agreed to pay the remaining amount,” the Chairman said.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the stricken baby, Ismeal Alfred Charles said he is usually a talkative but short of words for the unflinching support Mercury extended to save the life of the lad.

“We are supposed to travel to India on the 16th June, 2018 on doctor’s advice. Initially, because of the slow pace of donations, the possibilities of us traveling on the above date was blink. Now that Mercury has rescued us with this whopping amount, we are sure of traveling on the said date,” he said.

“We have contacted several business houses and government Institutions with limited hope raising the required amount. On behalf of the mother, we are highly appreciative to Mercury for helping to save the life of this promising young child.

The mother is also currently ill due to depression and exertion. She has been advised to rest because she has consented to donate her liver to be implanted into Baby Mustapha. As such, she needs to be in a stable health condition,” he explained.