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Mercury International Company (SL) disclaims “Time Bomb” song


12th October, 2016

The attention of Mercury International Company (SL) Limited has been drawn to the song Time Bomb by Mikey Mike. In respect of the said song we would like to state the following:

Mercury International Company (SL) Limited is a business entity and distances itself from any political affiliations. The company has never involved in and/or identified itself with any activity of a political variety and/or given its consent to be involved in same.

Neither Maxim Brandwain nor Mercury International Company (SL) Limited had or has had any connection with the said song and/or the artist.

Neither Maxim Brandwain nor Mercury International Company (SL) Limited had any involvement with the promoter(s), writer(s), producer(s) or anyone connected to the said song at any stage of its creation and subsequent release and circulation.

Mercury International Company (SL) Limited realises and respects the independence of musicians and acknowledges their rights BUT the company does not appreciate its name being used in political songs or in any song without its written consent and permission and Mercury does not share or endorse the views expressed in the said song.

Samir K. Hassanyeh

Chairman, Board of Directors

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