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Men accused of killing Haiti’s president say they were set-up

CNN Exclusive: Port-au-Prince, Haiti — The smell of raw sewage and food waste permeates the air in the entrance to Haiti’s National Penitentiary in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Its source is the exposed pipe that visitors must walk over as a liquid mix slides through to the street.

A pat-down of even our heads from quiet security guards follows and then a large metal door swings open, revealing a courtyard on the other side.

Haitian authorities call these men assassins. They call themselves innocent.

“We were useful idiots for someone else,” one of the men told us. “But we did not commit this crime.” More than five months detained after that deadly night, the men have not been formally charged.

Above, the scene outside the National Penitentiary where family members bring food for prisoners inside.

CNN was allowed to enter the penitentiary after months of negotiation, with only paper and a…

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