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MDAs cautioned to curb their profligacy

By Jariatu Bangura

The Ministries of Energy and Power, Education, Science and Technology and Mines and Mineral Resources have been cautioned by lawmakers to efficiently utilize their respective budgetary allocations as many have been profligate in spending on unsatisfactory jobs. The call was led by Hon. Paramount Chief Bai Kurr Kanagbaro Sanka lll of Tonkolili district.

Hon. P.C. Sanka III averred that huge quantum of monies have been spent on the energy sector yet the ministry could not generate fifty percent megawatts of electricity as large swathes of the country go without energy.

He lamented that despite millions of Leones have been spent on the Bumbuna hydroelectric dam and repairing carried out, the government continues to allocate huge monies to the ministry. He, therefore, urged that the monies be put to good use for the benefit of citizens.

The traditional chieftain and lawmaker also called on government to regulate the mining industry especially the vexatious issue of foreigners being giving almost all the key positions when there is enough local expertise.

P.C. Bai Sanka also raised a salient environmental issue affecting the country in the form of huge holes being left unfilled by mining companies, leaving behind huge craters which essentially are deathtraps.

He said huge sums have been expended on the education sector, but ghost teachers are on the increase while a good number of teachers are inept. He called for proper monitoring mechanisms to be put in place in other to raise the standard of education in the country.

He noted that the creation of commissions and agencies is counterproductive as nothing has been achieved from their creation, and submitted that many be closed so that monies for their running cold be diverted to the education sector and the construction of roads and schools.

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