Mayor addresses health workers, councillors


By Mathew Jabby

Mayor of the Freetown City Council, Franklyn Bode Gibson, has lectured councillors and health workers on how they should create partnership and help forge relationship with people in their different wards so that they can carry on with their work without any hindrance.

The Mayor noted that before 2004 everything was centralized but that government thought it prudent to decentralize the governance system thus leading to the reintroduction of the local councils, which were charged with the responsibility of developing their own areas and help maximise the living standard of their people.

He said one of the roles of councillors is to serve as link between the people and the health workers wherever and whenever necessary so that better health service could be achieved.

“Councillors are not professionals since they are not health workers but they should serve as role models and work for the development of their various localities,” said Mayor Gibson, and urged them to work together to make Sierra Leone a better place for all.

“You should work with dedication and assiduously to make life better for your people.”

The city Mayor further encouraged the health workers to always answer to distress calls from councillors who may need urgent medical service to save the life of a sick person(s) in the areas.

He called on councillors to always clean their environments and minimize the spread of diseases.