Market Watch


With:Elizabeth Kamara

Market Watch is a column that looks at the prices and commodities of cosmetic materials in various markets across Freetown. It seeks the views of traders as well as customers on sales of their goods and price at which the least consumer buys.

Ahead of the June 24th 2023 elections, business people have expressed frustration and disappointment over the low sales and hike in prices of cosmetics.

In this edition of market watch, Concord Times Elizabeth J. Kamara interviewed some shop owners and customers dealing in cosmetics in Freetown to determine the rate at which prices are being increased or decreased.

Below are the current Price of cosmetic At Abacha street.

ZENTA power soapPer bagNle610.00 
SABA SOAPPer cartoonNle195.00 
DOVE sprayFor 1NLe70.00 
D’LovePer setNle200.00 
DithiolBig battleNle50.00 
Pawpaw creamBig battleNle60.00 
touchFor 1Nle20.00 
Irish soapPer packetNle250.00 
Power plus soapPer packetNle40.00 
MagicFor 1Nle25.00 
Pan spraysEach typesNle30.00 
Cocoa plump oilPer packetNle80.00 
Sass soapcartoonNle200.00 
alovera pasteHalf dozenNle200.00 
Styling gelHalf dozenNle115.00 
Family BOAdozenNle140.00 
Baby oïlFor 1Nle30.00 
ABC haïr CreamFor 1Nle2543.00 


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