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Market watch

January 7, 2022

By Elizabeth A. Kaine

Market Watch is a column that looks at the prices of basic commodities including foodstuff in various markets across the city of Freetown. It is a series that gauges the prices of basic communities on a weekly basis and as well conducts interviews with traders on their daily turnovers.

In this edition of Market Watch, Concord Times Elizabeth A. Kaine interviewed some traders dealing in foodstuff and beverages in the three major markets Freetown.

Below are the current prices of foodstuff and local beverages at Congo,Dove Cut,Krootown Road and King Jimmy markets.

Goods CostQuantityCost
 end of year prices 2022 first week prices
Long grain parboiled ricele 500,00050kgle 500,000
Long grain parboiled riceLe 250,00025kgLe 250,000
Big joe riceLe 450,0050kgLe 450,00
Big joe riceLe 225,00025kgLe 225,000
Premier parboiled riceLe 430,00050kgLe 430,000
Premier parboiled riceLe 220,00025kgLe 220,000
Honey parboiled riceLe 400,00050kgLe 400,000
Honey parboiled riceLe 200,00025kgLe 200,000
RiceLe 2,500CupLe 3,000
JPB broken riceLe 500,00050kgLe 500,000
JPB broken riceLe 250,00025kgLe 250,000
Thai jasmineLe 490,00050kgLe 490,000
Sierra riceLe 55,0005kgLe 55,000
OnionLe 320,000Big bagLe 320,000
OnionLe 125,000Small bagLe 125,000
OnionLe 10,0003 forLe 10,000
PepperLe 950,000Per bagLe 900,000
PepperLe 8,000Per cupLe 5,000
Isablela instead fatfillied powder milkLe 1.200,00025kgLe 1.200,000
Classic instead milkLe 1.200,00025kgLe 1.200,000
Nido milkLe 270,000One big tinLe 270,000
Peak milkLe 270,000One big tinLe 270,000
Paddi ground nut oilLe 370,00020litLe 365,000
Paddi ground nut oilLe 190,00010litLe 190,000
Leo oilLe 370,00020litLe 365,000
Canola oilLe 150,0008litLe 150,000
Bama mayonnaiseLe 45,000medium sizeLe 48,000
Jago mayonnaiseLe 35,000medium sizeLe 35,000
Paddi mayonnaiseLe35,000medium sizeLe35,000
Paddi MaggieLe 25,0001packetLe 25,000
OngaLe 30,0001 packetLe 30,000
MaltinaLe 110,0001dozenLe 110,000
FantaLe 98,0002 dozenLe 98,000
CocacolaLe 115,0002 dozenLe 115,000
VimtoLe 200,0002 dozenLe 200,000
Vicco maltLe 200,002 dozenLe 200,00
MaltamaxLe 180,0002 dozenLe 180,000
Super maltLe 240,0002 dozensLe 240,000
Power maltLe 2400,0002 dozensLe 2400,000
Mutzig beerLe 135,0001 dozenLe 135,000
SavannaLe 410,0001 cartoonLe 410,000
GuinnessLe 220,0001 dozensLe 220,000
Bittercola power drinkLe 60,0002 dozenLe60,000
Gulf water bottleLe 25,000Medium size(1bundle)Le 25,000
Bravely water bottleLe 25,000Medium size(1bundle)Le 25,000
family careLe6,000sachet(1bundle)Le5,000
BafaLe 6,000Sachet (1bundle)Le 5,000

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