December 9, 2016 With Elizabeth A. Kaine

As we move closer to the festive season, Concord Times conducted a market survey to weigh the prices of foodstuffs and determine the level of increase in the prices of foodstuffs, coupled with how consumers are coping due to the current economic crisis in the country.

Concord Times Elizabeth A Kaine conducted a market survey and observed that many traders do cheat on consumers in an effort to maximise profit.

Hawanatu Sesay, a consumer, told this reporter that rice sellers do stuff their measuring cups and that she was disappointed to the extent that she wanted to call the attention of the police.

However, market watch observed that foodstuffs are becoming more expensive on a daily basis, with a relatively low sale.


   GOODS                                                             QTY                                                     PRICE

Pepper                                                            1cup                                                   Le 2,000

Pepper                                                             1bag                                                   Le 215,000

Palm oil                                                            1pint                                                  Le 3,000

Palm oil                                                            5gallon                                              Le 140,000

Onions                                                              1bag                                                  Le 145,000

Foofoo                                                              1bag                                                  Le 110,000

Chicken                                                             1cartoon                                           Le 115,000

Chicken                                                                1leg                                                    Le 6, 000

Bama mayonnaise                                           big size                                               Le 80,000

Peak milk (powder)                                           big size                                               Le 130,000

Sugar                                                                  1bag 25kg                                          Le 155,000

Egg                                                                      1dozen                                               Le 12,000

Corn beef                                                                     1tin                                                    Le 25,000

 Becks                                                                            1cartoon                                            Le 300,000

Tuburg  beer                                                                      1cartoon                                            Le 175,000

Vicco malt                                                                            1cartoon                                            Le 130,000

Codys                                                                                      1cartoon                                             Le190,000

Cement                                                                                  1bag 50kg                                          Le55,000

Oil paint                                                                                 per gallon                                          Le100,000

Shovel                                                                                     one                                                     Le30,000