Market Watch


with: Elizabeth J. Kamara

In this edition of market watch, Concord Times Elizabeth J. Kamara interviewed some shop owners and customers dealing in building materials in Freetown to know determine the variables in terms of price.

Below are the current Prices of building materials at Krootown Road Market

  Floor mat Per yard Nle60,45,55.00   Cement imported Per bag Nle150.00   Cement Leocem   Per bag Nle140.00   Lintex paint Per drum Nle300.00   Carbolic Per gallon Nle150.00   Paint brush big size For 1 Nle15.00   4 inch pipe For 1 Nle150.00   3 cutter For 1 Nle60.00   1 inch pipe For 1 Nle70.00   Cap nail box Nle70.00   Wire nail 1 box Nle20.00   Zinc 1 leaf Nle150.00   Shovel For 1 Nle75.00   Head pan For 1 Nle50.00   Hand trowel For 1 Nle50.00   Wire mesh 1 inch Nle50.00   Sand dina Nle10300.00   Sand Per bag Nle12.00  


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