Market Watch

Stationaries at Regent Road

with: Elizabeth J. Kamara

Market Watch is a column that looks at the prices of commodities and other materials in various markets across Freetown. It seeks the views of traders as well as customers on the sale of their goods and prices at which the last consumer buys.

Ahead of the June 24th 2023 elections, business people have expressed frustration and disappointment over the snail pace at which their goods are being sold.

In this edition of market watch, Concord Times Elizabeth J. Kamara interviewed some shop owners dealing in stationaries in Freetown to know the changes that have taken place over time.

Speaking to this medium, Abdulai Kamara is a shop owner at Regent road who deals in school materials. He observed that increase in the prices of stationery was becoming alarming as prices have doubled since last month making business very slow for them.

Below are the current prices of stationeries at Regent Road Market:

80 pages booksPer packetNle55.00 
200 pages booksPer packetNL 90.00 
 Verbal reasoningPer setNLe50.00 
Quantitative reasoningPer setNle50.00 
ChalkPer boxNle15.00 
Pen Per boxNle60.00 
A4 paper per boxNle500.00 
RulerPer packetNle50.00 
ErasersPer packetNle40.00 
Aki-olla seriesEach typesNle180.00 
SpiralPer boxNle90.00 
Stamp padpacketNle200.00 
A3 paperPer boxNle1000.00 
Oxford dictionnaireLarge sizeNle250.00 
Stapper pinFor 100Nle1000.00 


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