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Market watch

November 25, 2016 With Elizabeth A. Kaine 

In the wake of price hike that is dictated by the current economic crisis, coupled with the rapid increase in the pump price of petroleum products in Sierra Leone, Concord Times’ Elizabeth A.Kaine conducted a market survey to determine the extent of price increase and how it is affecting traders and consumers as well.

The prices of food stuff  have increased to the extent that sales have become very slow, which has apparently frustrated traders.

As a result of the snail pace of sales, many traders have resorted to finding dishonest means to maximise profit or increase sales.

Fatmata Sesay, a consumer, told this reporter that she was disappointed that the palm oil she bought appeared reddish as though it was good but no sooner she attempted cooking it, than it changed colour.

Market   watch is concerned mainly about the prices of basic commodities and during the survey, it was revealed that between April to September this year, prices of commodities like pepper, salt, palm oil, groundnut, and chicken among other goods, were stable, but have increased rapidly as a result of the increase in the pump price of fuel.

Goods                                  Qty                                  Price (Le)

Pepper                                cup                             Le1, 000

Pepper                                 bag                             Le 200,000

Palm oil                                 pint                        Le 3,000

Palm oil                                gallon                     Le140,000

Vegetable cooking oil        pint                       Le 4,000

Vegetable cooking oil        gallon                   Le180, 000

 Groundnut                           cup                       Le3, 000

Chicken                                                              Le   5,000

Rice –Kpushawa          50 kg                         Le220, 000

Broken                            50kg                        Le280, 000


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