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Man,33 remanded for allegedly  raping his in-law

June 14, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura

One Sahr Mansaray  was on Thursday (12th June), remanded at the Male Correctional Centre by Magistrate Abdul Sheriff, presiding at the Pademba Road Court No.2 for an alleged rape offence.

Mansaray, 33, is before the court on one count of rape contrary to Section 6 of the Sexual Offences Act of 2012.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Gloria .V.S Macauley alleges that the accused on Thursday, 14th March, 2019 at Thompson Bay in Freetown, raped a 25-year-old woman without her consent.

Testifying in court, the victim identified the accused as her in-law and recalled on the day of the alleged incident.

She told the court that when her husband left for Makeni, she decided to go and stay with her sister till he returns.

She said when she arrived at her sister’s residence; she was introduced to the accused and subsequently directed to the room where she would put up at that moment.

She stated that few days later, her sister received a phone call from an unknown person informing her that her father was seriously ill, which prompted her to leave for her father’s residence.

She further stated that the night her sister left, the accused told her that he was going to watch a football game at a nearby cinema.

She narrated that the accused returned home late and entered the room where the she was sleeping.

The victim alleged that the accused tore her pant and inserted his penis into her virgina, which made her woke up and shoved him.

She claimed that the accused told him that he had had sexual intercourse with her elder sister and that it was of no crime having sex with her as well.

The victim said she later informed the accused that she would narrate to one Auntie Rebecca about what transpired between them.

 She alleged that the accused took out a knife and threatened to kill her, adding that she dashed out of the room and divulged what had transpired between them to the said Auntie Rebecca.

She said the following morning; Auntie Rebecca called her sister and informed her about the alleged incident.

The victim said Auntie Rebecca also informed the elder brother to the accused about the incident, adding that in her presence the accused was asked about the incident, but he apologized and promised that such would not happened again.

She concluded that when her sister returned home, she questioned the accused  as to  why he behaved in such manner.

The victim said her sister later called an unknown person to arrest the accused and took him to the Lumley Police where she was issued with a police medical request form which she took to the Connaught Hospital for treatment and later made statement.

The matter was adjourned to Tuesday 18th June for further hearings.

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