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Man sentenced to death for killing father in-law

February 25, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Foday Jusu Yambasu, a 45-year-old man was on Wednesday, February 24, convicted and sentenced to death by hanging for killing his father in-law.

The convict was standing trial in the High Court presided over by Justice Monfred Sesay on a one count charge of murder contrary to law.

The State Prosecutor, Joseph A.K Sesay, had alleged that the convict on Sunday, 9th September, 2018, at Goderich, Western Rural District, murdered 66 years old Sorie Koroma, who happened to be his father in-law.

According to the judge, the prosecution presented seven witnesses including the wife, stepdaughter of the convict and the pathologist who testified that the deceased died due to skull fracture and massive bleeding in the cerebellum caused by what the convict did to him.

Justice Sesay said the first prosecution witness, Fatmata Koroma, wife of the convict,  had told the court that on a particular Sunday night her husband returned home and took a piece of stone and hit it on their daughter’s head.

She said the convict told her that he got information that when he was not around she cheated on him with another man, stating that the convict beat and stripped her naked.

She had narrated that a certain man went to the scene and separated them, while she ran away.

The wife further told the court that the convict later locked up the children in the house and threatened to kill them, a statement which prompted her to run to her father (deceased) so that he will rescue the children before anything happen to them.

She said together with the deceased they went to the residence of the convict and knocked at the door, adding that the convict opened the door slapped, picked up a fight with her father, pushed him to the floor and took a cutlass which he used to inflict injury on her father.

 She narrated that the convict also took an iron bar and hit the side of her father.

She said she later took her father to the Adokia Police Station and reported the incident, and that she was advised to take him to the Emergency Hospital for treatment.

She said they were never attended to at the Emergency hospital and that she later took him to another hospital where he died.

Justice Sesay said the stepdaughter of the convict, Adama Kargbo, also testified that on the night of the incident, her stepfather returned to the house and accused her mother of having taken another man into his house, but her mother denied.

She said her stepfather then called and asked if it was true that her mother took another man into the house and threatened to beat her if she did not tell the truth.

She further told the court that the convict later raised a piece of stone and hit her on the head, noting that the convict also took a wooden board and hit her mother.

He said the stepdaughter also corroborated the statement of her mother that, her mother ran to call her grandfather when the convict locked and threatened to kill her in the house.

She said while in the house the convict took out a knife and threatened to kill her if she did not tell the name of her mother’s boyfriend.

She said whilst in the room, she heard the voice of her mother and grandfather knocking at the door, stating that when her father opened the door he slapped and beat her grandfather and also took a cutlass which he used to hit him.

 She said the convict took an iron bar and beat her grandfather.

In his judgement, after the jurors returned a guilty verdict on the trial, Justice Sesay sentenced the convict to death by hanging, stating that the convict has 21 days to appeal his sentencing.

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