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Man jailed for false Ebola alert

June 12, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Sorie Bangura, 25, from Susan’s Bay in Freetown, was yesterday sentenced to one month imprisonment by Magistrate Komba Kamanda of the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.1 after his conviction for falsely alerting members of the Ebola response team and collecting food and other items that are meant for Ebola virus victims.

The accused was charged with one count of false alert contrary to law.

In his ruling, Magistrate Kamanda noted that the accused pleaded guilty to the charge on his first appearance. He said the convict should not have behaved as he did as it was criminal and for which he should serve a month in jail at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba Road.

The prosecution had alleged that the accused-cum-convict willfully made false statement to one David Kabba who works for the Ebola response team that someone had died of Ebola in his house (although he knew it was false) on 30 May, 2015 at Susan’s Bay, a slum community east of Freetown.

Kabba told the court that on 30 May, 2015 he received a call from someone at Susan’s Bay who informed him about a corpse which the latter claimed had died of the Ebola virus in his house. Kabba said he and other members of the team came to the community, only to be told that the burial team had collected and buried the body.

He said they went into the house and sprayed the room of the person who the caller claimed had died of the virus, and that the accused was receiving food supplies as a result.

He said however that it was later discovered the claim was false, thus he informed the police who arrested the convict.

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