Man Jailed for assault on Police


December 14, 2016 By Andrew Ngebuva(intern)

Presiding Magistrate at the Ross Road Court No.2, Magistrate John Forna, last week Friday (9 December) convicted and sentenced one Tejan Jalloh to one-year imprisonment or alternatively pay a fine of one million Leones for assaulting a female police officer.

The accused was before the court on a count’s charge of assault on police contrary to the Police Act of 1964.

The complainant, Police Constable 5240 Adama Sesay, had told the court during the summary trial that the accused in early November, 2016, she was on duty at the Kalaba Town Market, when the accused obstructed her by venting out his anger on her.

She added that the convict had a bitter argument with her, which ended up with a scuffle and that the former grabbed her at her neck and beat her up.

In his judgement, Magistrate Forna stated that the law enforcement agent must be respected at all times because they were there to protect lives and properties for the citizenry of the country.

He noted that the action of the convict was one that the society could not condole and that it was punishable by law. He said the convicted must bear the brunt of his action and cautioned him to stay away from crime.