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Man jailed 19 years for killing his brother 

June 15, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

Justice Ernest Gooding, presiding at the Freetown High Court, yesterday sentenced one Tamba Koroma to nineteen years imprisonment for allegedly killing his step brother.

The prosecution had alleged that Koroma, on 5th July, 2015, hit his step brother, Foray Koroma, in the head and was confirmed dead at the Connaught hospital, three days after the incident.

The convict was initially charged with murder, but he denied the charge which was subsequently reduced to manslaughter, to which, he pleaded guilty.

In his statement to the police, the accused said his brother was a carpenter, who left home without permission, adding that he decided to punish him on his return with ten lashes.

“He took a knife to attack me and wanted to stab me. That was why I hit him with a stick on the neck and head,” his statement reads.

Police say the convict displayed no sign of remorse, after killing the deceased and reportedly said the deceased deserved what he got, because ‘he is an animal’.

In her plea of mitigation, Defense counsel, Sonia B. Brown, pleaded with the Bench to temper justice with mercy as the convict was a first time offender.

She said the convict was remorseful of his action and was ready to change.

“He is not only saying sorry to the court, he is also saying sorry to the family,” lawyer Brown said.

In his judgment, Justice Gooding said although there was no evidence to show that the convict was a first time offender and that he was willing to change as claimed by his lawyer, it was the responsibility of the court to render the punishment he deserves.

The judge said the convict had no right to punish his younger brother, who was above age 18, adding that he has no right to muzzle and impose corporal punishment on the deceased.

“To me, anybody above age of 18 has the free will to his or her life from parents, let alone elder brother,” the judge said.

He continued that he has not sensed any sign of provocation on the convict from the deceased, but the former exhibited an unnecessary tension by attacking the deceased and in the event killed him.

While reading the testimony of the pathologist, Dr Simeon Owiz Koroma, Justice Gooding said it was clearly mentioned that the deceased died because of excessive flow of blood from his brain.

“I therefore find you guilty of manslaughter and sentence you to 19 years imprisonment,” justice Gooding ordered, stating that there was no punishment commensurate to the loss of one’s life.

The judge admonished the public to consider the sentence as a warning with consideration of the atrocities youths have been causing in society with guns, knives and bottles.
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The matter was prosecuted by state prosecutors, O.V. Mason Jr and L.O.R.D. Jones.

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