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Man jailed 10yrs for sexual penetration

May 2, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

Twenty-two year old Saidu Sesay was last Wednesday (April 26) sentenced to ten (10) years imprisonment by Justice Monfred Sesay of the High Court, after being found guilty of sexually penetrating an eleven year old girl.

The convict was before the High Court on one count of sexual penetration contrary to Section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act.

The prosecution had alleged that on 28th August, 2015, the convict penetrated an 11 year old girl at Wilberforce, West of Freetown.

Justice Sesay said the prosecution proved that the convict intentionally had sexual intercourse with the child.

“I found you guilty for sexual penetration of a child and therefore sentence you to ten years imprisonment. You are to start your imprisonment straight off and the one year eight months served at the Correctional Centre is inclusive of this time,” he ordered.

The judge said even though the victim and her mother did not testify in the court of justice, their evidences at the Magistrate Court were sufficient to implicate the convict.

He maintained that the mother and the victim gave corroborated evidences that the convict penetrated the victim in a nearby bush at Wilberforce.

According to him, with all the eight evidences that the prosecution tendered to make their case, his only contention was the victim’s purported pant that had blood stain with no forensic evidence.

Justice Sesay noted that the convict had denied the allegations after he had admitted to the police that he committed the alleged act by penetrating the victim with his finger.

“I had wanted to go for something much lesser, but since you have decided to lie to the court about your age, I don’t think you deserve mercy,” the judge said.

He added that the convict could have saved himself from problems, if he had admitted to the accusation earlier as the law provides for a lesser time to be given to an accused person, who does not waste the court’s time.

Earlier, in his plea of mitigation, the convict asked the Judge for forgiveness and to let him go for free because he is a young man.a

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