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Mami En Pekin Welbodi Week ends

By Regina Pratt

The Mami En Pekin Welbodi Week, which started from 5th – 14th June and given an extension time from 25th to 29th June 2014, has ended.

The malaria focal person in the District Health Management Team for the Western Area, William Pessima, said the exercise made provision for children from 6 – 11 months to be administered with vitamin A blue, and 12 – 59 months with vitamin A red and Albendaezole

He further said that lactating mothers and pregnant women will also receive bed nets to protect them from malaria.

Dr. Samuel J. Smith, Programme Manager for the National Malaria Control Programme, said there were challenges in distributing the bed nets, and that selection was done in collaboration with councilors in the various wards.

However, Dr. Smith said such challenges will be addressed in the next exercise to be undertaken, adding that the selection was done within the communities.

He lamented that some people did not display honesty as the number of children in their houses during registration for the bed nets was inflated. He said measures will be put in place to discourage such act by the next round of distribution.

Moreover, Dr. Smith said they were able to cover all the remaining areas that were not initially covered during the first week, the reason they extended the exercise from 25th to 29th June.


Health Tips

* Don’t take your medicines with cold water

* Don’t eat heavy meals after 5pm

* Drink more water in the morning, less water in the night

* Best sleeping time is from 10pm to 4am

* Don’t lie down immediately after taking meals

* Answer mobile phone call with left ear

* When mobile phone battery is low to the last bar, don’t answer the call because radiation is 1000 times stronger

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