Majority Leader urges maintenance of culture


February 27, 2014  By Jariatu S. Bangura

Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim R. Bundu, yesterday urged officials that are occupying government buildings to embrace the culture of maintenance as many tenants do not take proper care of government buildings.

Hon. Bundu said the issue of maintenance is becoming critical in the country as tenants of government buildings pay scant regard to it.

Permanent Secretaries, Directors of Agencies and their deputies, and senior civil servants occupy various government quarters around the country, but many of those quarters are in dilapidated state due to years of lack of maintenance.

Hon. Bundu said government quarters at the back of the former Special Court in Brookfields, Freetown are in a bad state. He said many public servants have applied to the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure to occupy some of those buildings, which according to him is not a bad idea, but noted that many fail to upkeep the quarters when they are eventually given permission to occupy them.

“If you cannot take care of a place that does not belong to you, how much more will you take care of your own and that of other things,” he said and vowed that such behaviour would be frown at henceforth.

Hon. Patrick Foyah of Constituency 01 in the Kailahun District observed that some officials who are allocated government vehicles fail to properly maintain them, yet they are given other vehicles when they had failed to maintain the previous ones.
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He urged the committee responsible to take action against such officials as it is a waste of government resources.

Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Sheku B.B. Dumbuya, himself added his voice to the call for a good maintenance culture among public servants, noting that government buildings in neighbouring countries are well taken care of.