Magistrate Kamanda detests accused sitting on the floor


- ‘I have respect for humanity’

By Hassan G. Koroma

Presiding Magistrate of Court No. 2, Komba Kamanda, yesterday told his court that he has respect for humanity, including those accused persons who usually appear before him to answer to criminal and other charges.

The magistrate made this statement after noticing that the prisoners’ seat was over full with accused persons, with others forced to sit on the floor as they waited for their matters to be called for hearing.

“I hate seeing accused persons sitting on the ground in my court because it is a violation of their human rights,” stated Magistrate Kamanda in an apparent compassionate mood. “We should know that they are human beings as well and despite they are standing trial, they deserve some respect, and they should be respected.”

The magistrate encouraged police officers to always make sure they bring to court the exact number of prisoners for the available seats instead of bringing in more of them that others would have to sit on the bare floor.

“My court is a court of justice and has respect for humanity. It does not matter who the individual is, and as long as he or she is in my court, he or she should be respected,” he said.