Magbele Bridge is 78 percent complete


January 14, 2021

The Team Lead for Politecnica, an engineering consulting firm for the Moyamba – Moyamba Junction Road and Bridges Project, has disclosed that the Magbele Bridge is 78 percent complete. 

Housine Anaibi disclosed the information on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 when a delegation from Freetown, comprising the National Authorising Office (NAO) and the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), visited the construction site to witness the launching of steel beams across the Magbele Bridge.

The construction of the Magbele Bridge is part of Lot 2 of the Moyamba – Moyamba Junction Road and Bridges Project. It is designed to be a two-lane 163 metres span steel bridge with concrete deck over the Rokel River. The works include the construction of 264 metres of paved road to access the new bridge.

The NAO is the contracting Authority that facilitates development cooperation between the European Union and Government of Sierra Leone.  Among other responsibilities, it ensures that the funds allocated to development projects by the EU are judiciously spent.  Its Country Director, Mr. Ambrose James expressed satisfaction that the project is been smoothly done.

He explained that the Mabgele bridge construction, which costs over six million Euros is part of the infrastructural development projects and one of the development pillars that the European Union is supporting the Government of Sierra Leone on.  

The Project Manager for Moyamba – Moyamba Road project and Director Planning, Policy and Research at SLRA, Ing. Vandi French told the press that it is the SLRA’s role to monitor and ensure that quality controls are enhanced so that value for money adhered to in the project. “We look at quality of materials and execution of work,” he explained, “I believe that the quality of work so far is satisfactory.” Ing. French confirmed. 

The beam was launched in two phases with a speed of 20 metres per hour. After the launch of the beam, they were to cast the slabs on top of the beams, do the tarmacs, side works and guardrails, and complete the approach roads from both sides for the construction to be fully completed.

The bridge connects Freetown and the North-West of Sierra Leone and beyond. It is being constructed by CSE with technical supervision by SLRA and funded by the European Union. Its construction was launched in March 2018 and is expected to be completed in July 2021.

The current Magbele Bridge is single lane with one side work. It has functional issues that has caused many accidents over the years, and causes slower traffic because one oncoming vehicle has to wait for another at the other side of the bridge. The new two-lane bridge is expected to have two side works, be safer, and enhance vehicular movements than before and it is expected to last for 100 years.